We all have a list of home improvement projects we’d like to get done. However, we don’t always have the time or cash to make sure they even get started let alone finished.  Installing new fireplace tiles is one project which not only has a host of fabulous choices but is much cheaper than you’d think which is why it needs to be at the top of your list.


Fortunately this is one project that you can get away with for much less than you’d imagine.  The entire area you will need to tile is relatively small so you won’t need to drop a ton of money on materials. In reality only a few tiles are needed to complete fireplace surrounds or hearths and when combined this total still doesn’t add up to much. And of course when it comes to tiles for fireplace use there are many budget friendly materials that look like they cost much more.  For example, there are reproduction fireplace tiles from periods like the Edwardian, Victorian, and Art Deco that can be found for fraction of the cost of the real thing.

Natural Stone

Materials crafted by Mother Nature are always appealing and this has never been more true than with stone fireplace tiles.  Each type of stone has its own look, colors, and benefits and that in turn makes each tile unlike no other. Marble, granite, and slate are all excellent choices for today’s homeowner who appreciates what nature can produce and wants to display its beauty in their home.  You will need to do your homework though as different types of stone tiles may need different types of care and maintenance.   That being said most can look their best and last a lifetime with minimal requirements.

Porcelain and Ceramic

Both porcelain and ceramic can be used on fireplaces. Ceramic is a great way to go if you are on a budget and want to get the job done on a dime.  But you will need to make sure you use ones with a high PEI rating that are also rated as floor tiles if they will be used on the hearth. Fireplace surround tiles can be rated as wall tile since they need only be decorative.  Porcelain may cost a little more but it is actually tougher and more suited for the fireplace. You can even buy porcelain fireplace tile that looks like stone with realistic patterns and textures.

It’s easy to see why upgrading your fireplace tiles is such a smart home improvement to undertake.  Inexpensive and with a variety of gorgeous natural stone, porcelain and ceramic choices, it’s one you need to consider.

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Homeowners invest in a lockable storage box to keep their possessions safely and securely stored until needed.  There are storage boxes for many different needs in a variety of materials and sizes which makes it easy to choose the right one for your needs.  Most are made from metal or heavy duty plastic, but plastic is the favorite by far.

Types and Brands of Lockable Plastic Storage Boxes

There are three main types of lockable plastic boxes: cargo boxes, mobile chests and deck boxes.  Let’s take a look at each type.

Cargo Boxes

Manufactured in many sizes, cargo boxes are used to store all sorts of equipment and tools.  Popular with tradesmen, they are also used by fishermen, hunters, and outdoorsmen.  Actually, they are well suited for storing anything that fits inside them.  Sometimes equipped with wheels, cargo boxes usually have multiple heavy duty latches and are lockable using a padlock.  Many brands make multiple padlock tabs so you may add extra locks for added security.  These boxes are designed to fit easily in your trunk, backseat, or the back of a truck.  Most are stackable.  Cargo boxes are the type to buy when looking for a reliable small lockable box.

Mobile Chests

A mobile chest is much deeper that a cargo box so for a large lockable storage box this might be what you need.  Many hold up to 50 gallons worth of materials.  Favorites of builders and contractors who have expensive tools and saws to lock up and store in a safe place, mobile chests have wheels so you can transport them easily even when heavily loaded.  They are excellent for home storage needs as well.

Deck Boxes

Homeowners will discover that their biggest plastic container options are plastic deck boxes.  These lockable outdoor storage containers have up to 16 cubic feet of storage capacity. As their name implies, these boxes are perfect for deck, patio or poolside storage as well as grilling equipment.  You may also use them for pond care equipment, gardening tools and supplies, sports equipment and pet supplies.  Designed so you can add your own padlock and make your storage box lockable, you don’t have to worry about leaving them outside when you are away from home.  Some of them have the extra advantage of doubling as benches for your outdoor living spaces.

The Best Brands

When you are ready to shop for a lockable plastic storage box, these are the brands to consider.  Each has a reputation for quality manufacturing.

  • Rubbermaid: top-notch plastic products in all sizes
  • Lifetimes well-known for its deck boxes and storage sheds
  • Suncast: makes great larger plastic storage options that

  last for years

  • Plano: extra tough; specializes in smaller boxes plus cases

  for outdoorsmen

  • Remington: rugged plastic boxes for hunters, shooters,

  fishermen and others

  • Stanley: lockable storage boxes geared for the needs of

  construction and tradesmen

  • Contico: also popular; manufactures the Pro Tuff Series.

There are only two drawbacks to plastic storage boxes: you must furnish your own lock and they are not fireproof.  To obtain a fireproof box, consider purchasing a lockable metal storage box.

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